nude models and naked babes


I`m looking for high quality gallery submitters. And by "HQ" i mean webmasters who are actually experienced and know what they`re doing. Using a dedicated server is a must, fresh content as well. ( NO FREE HOSTS ) Bandwith is cheap these days, no excuses.

I dont want to see the same images used from sponsor`s hosted galleries - i`ve seen
them all and beleive me i`ll notice easily. Don`t even think of using sponsor`s free content. IT`S OVERUSED! You won`t get listed with old , already seen content. Either buy it or use content from sponsor`s paysite members area *with their permission*

I don`t want to see any counters on the gallery nor any misleading blind links, pop ups
or ActiveX scripts. Redirecting after getting listed will get you BANNED.

I`m accepting only clean No Recip - Babe/Pornstar galleries. *Only Known Models*

Please email 5 sample galleries to admin at with a brief introduction
( how long you`ve been doing this, where are you hosted, used sponsors , on which major tgp`s i can find your galleries etc..)

** UPDATE **

As of today i`m no longer accepting no recip galleries. If you want to get listed please use one of these recip links and link to

"Nude Models" - "Sexy Nude Models" - "Hot Babes" - "Naked Models" - "Nude Babes"


** 2012 UPDATE **

No longer accepting gallery submissions.



All inquiries contact: admin at erotiqlinks dot com icq: 176868775